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Abrar Odoo 13/03/2017


With Saint Patricks Day nearly here one thing we can be sure of is that the Irish like a good party, and what better way to make that party a little bit sweeter than adding a vaporizer into the mixture? Of course, Irish people are well known for their love of Guinness and being an Irishman myself I can attest to this fact! Make no mistake about it, the Vaporizer Guru, is not just partial to a few vapes he loves pints of Guinness too!! I once fell into a large Guinness Brewery tank and began to sink to the bottom, but when I was rescued by some good Samaritan I punched this 'have a go hero' in the face for rescuing me. Ok, I'm exaggerating slightly, but the points still stands that Saint Patrick's Day and Guinness go hand in hand. But the big question is whether we could soon be adding vapes to that esteemed list?
Because in the modern era there is something else which I'm beginning to get extremely fond of- vaporizers! In my younger days, I used to believe that nothing could ever match my love for Guinness- that it was an unbreakable bond that was going to last a lifetime, but that was until I discovered vaping. These little devices have become the mainstay for me- a trusty friend who can provide some magnificent buzzes with the click of a button. Vapes have become like a constant companion on my shoulder ready to rescue me in my moment of need, or to enhance any normal moment of my life. A good vaporizer should be a rapid fire machine that shoots pleasure into your body like a laser guided missile and fortunately for me most of the vapes I've tried have been like this. The more I tried vaporizers like the Pax 3 and the Firefly 2, the more Guinness began to fall by the wayside- it just didn't do it for me anymore!!
Who knows, perhaps with the advent of vaporizers the caricature of the inebriated Irishman, with potatoes popping out his ears dancing around to 'didlydididum' and shouting 'begorrahhhh' could well be a thing of the past. The era where the intoxicated Irishman reigned supreme could well be a thing of the past- an ancient relic of a bygone era never to be seen again, and who will we have to thank for this evolution but the magnificence of vaporizers!

The History of Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick | NamasteVapes New Zealand
It might be hard for some to actually believe this but Saint Patrick wasn't actually an Irishman- yes, you read correctly Saint Patrick wasn't even Irish, he was Welsh! In the 5th Century AD a gang of marauding Irish Pirates travelled over by boat to Wales, a country beside Ireland, and they raided its towns and villages for slaves. One of the people who the pirates captured and took back on the boat was a young boy by the name of Patrick. The young Patrick was enslaved for years working as a Shepard until one day he managed to escape and go back to his home country of Wales. But whilst there he started to have vivid dreams which told him to go back to Ireland and spread Christianity, and so, Patrick answered the call of his dreams and went back to Ireland to spread Christianity, banish snakes, and do loads of other cool stuff that we're still talking about to this day. One famous emblem that Patrick and Ireland are commonly associated with is the Shamrock. The reason why this is the case is because Patrick used the three leafs of the shamrock to explain how three spirits can become one: the father, the son, and the holy ghost. And this idea obviously was a hit as we're still talking about it today.

Modern Day Ireland


Ireland has some of the most draconian herbal laws in the world- with huge sentences ranging up to 20 years for possession. These ridiculous laws should be made a thing of the past! Perhaps, instead of banishing snakes these stone age ignoramuses should be banished from Ireland forever. Who knows, maybe it's time for Saint Patrick to make a comeback to the Emerald Isle? To arise from the dead and sort out of the wicked sinful practices where herbal is seen as taboo. To spread the glory and the god of the vaporizer. To spread the word of the vaporizer amongst the masses. Perhaps, in the future, instead of the caricature of the Paddy drinking back a pint a Guinness maybe the new age image could be of an Irishman breathing in the delicious vapor of a Pax3, a Firefly 2, or a Mighty Vaporizer. The drunken Irishman caricature could be a thing of the past replaced by a more sophisticated professional image. The shamrock could be replaced by the herbal leaf! The 5 leafs of the weed plant meaning: The stoner, the high, the buzz, the nutrition, and the vaporizer, of course the vaporizer, that never ending stalwart, holding everything together. Holding everything together like a solid oak tree- exuding strength and durability- a symbol to be proud of, a symbol to rely on.

Why are Vaporizers so good?



Why is the sun so good? Why is oxygen so good? Vaporizers are good for many reasons- too many to be able to list them all here, but I'll give it a shot! One of the reasons why vaping is better than alcohol is because Vaporizers allows users to keep their cognitive functions intact whilst they enjoy their plants. Unlike with someone drinking Guinness on Saint Patrick's Day, who likely wont know their limits, with a vaporizer most people know their limits. Sometimes with a vape the best times can be had when you only take a couple of small puffs and then are buzzing for a few hours afterwards. In comparison to Guinness the Return on Investment is phenomenal with vaporizers! In the past number of years vaping has not only increased it has exploded onto the scene. People are beginning to appreciate the essential need of having one of these devices, because of financial reasons, health reasons, and style reasons.

What Vaporizers

There are masses of vaporizers out there for you to choose from and picking the most suitable one sometimes can be a difficult task. If someone is considering getting a vape for Saint Patrick's day what they'll need to consider is where they are intending to enjoy their herbs. For example, if you intend going down to the local bar to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day well then you'd be far better of siding with a small portable vaporizer which will allow for concealability and discreteness. But if you intend taking your herbs at home or in someone else's home you'd be far better of siding with purchasing a desktop vaporizer. It is Saint Patricks day so we'll presume that you're going to heading down to the local pub to watch the parade and drink a few Guinness- so a portable vaporizer will be the way to go. What portables allow is a cool, sleek, and very discreet vaporizing experience that will fit the ambiance of any situation. Below I've assembled a short list that I feel would be more than suitable for the big day.

The Mighty Vaporizer


The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel has been years in the development and has been more than worth the wait. Storz and Bickel are renowned as being one of the leading drivers of the top quality vaporizers anywhere in the world. What this brand ensures is an experience that will be unique and very special for every user. The Mighty Vaporizer is a machine that is built to stand the test of time with a very solid design that will be sure to get the job done.
The machine features a beautiful LED screen which gives you instant access to screen settings and temperature settings. A vibration system alerts you to when the machine has reached the perfect temperature for vaping- this vibration system is almost like the machine is commanding to get vaping, and for good reason too because the buzz that you'll receive will be extraordinary. Definitely a vaporizer that should be considered for Saint Patricks Day, or any other day for that matter.

The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer


The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is one of the most intelligent and sexiest vaporizers available anywhere in the world. The machine is designed in a very interesting and eye catching fashion. On the front of the device they're three buttons situated and directly on the back is the charging area. A mouthpiece perches directly on top of the IQ and will easily pull out if you apply a little effort. A totally unique LED screen gives you easy access to the info you'll need. An app allows you to control the device from afar. The superb Zirconia air path ensures a smooth transition of herbs into your lungs. The machine is equipped with a flavor chamber which ensures that your herbs are smooth and delicious. This device performs superbly well when it comes to dry herbs which are vaporized at the perfect level. Overall this is a superb vaporizer that would make the perfect Saint Patricks Day Gift.

The G Pen Elite


Once I got my hands on the G Pen Elite I was shocked at the devices overall performance and functionality. The machine itself just looks so cool and sexy and when you match this with performance you know you're on to a winner. This Vaporizer also comes accompanied by some excellent accessories like the G Card and the chamber tool. The tool helps to make sure that the chamber is cleaned and ready for action and the G card can be used to make sure your herbs are grinded to the perfect consistency. As far as aesthetic appeal, this is further enhanced by the LED screen which dispenses important information like temperature and battery level. When it comes to performance level the G Pen performs best at temperatures ranging between 200f and 428f. The vaporizer has a very rapid heat up time( in under 30 seconds) and this allows for rapid fire buzzes to be propelled into your lung cage. In terms of portability, style, and overall vaping proficiency you cant go too far wrong with the G Pen Elite which will be sure to give you a lifetime of vaping heaven. When it comes to Saint Patrick's Day gifts the G Pen Elite could be the way to go.


Saint Patricks Day is one of them days for everyone to be jolly and happy and what better way to make it all the more sweeter than drawing on a vaporizer? Perhaps we're entering a new golden age of the vaporizer in Ireland. Of course, like any good Irishman Guinness is very dear to me- it's almost become like a member of the family, but this doesn't mean that a vaporizer shouldn't be added to the mix. Perhaps if you wanted you could have the best of both worlds- drinking a nice creamy pint of Guinness and pulling on a vape at the same time. Two worlds combined to create a moment of ecstatic bliss that will last through the ages. Perhaps we will find ourselves on our knees saluting Arthur Guinness, The Pax 2, and herbal- the three spirits combined into one to give us the buzz of a lifetime. Leprechauns are mythic fairies that are said to populate Ireland and these creatures, folklore has it, horde away gold and jewels like scrooge at Christmas. Maybe in future these mythical creature will stop stashing away gold and other gems and instead will be hoarding vaporizers- hoarding away machines like the Pax 3, the Firefly, the Mighty Vaporizer, and any other vaporizer that can provide the hit that will send you to the heavens.

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