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Convection Vaporizers

Convection Vaporizers New Zealand 

Convection. The primary source of quality flavour among portable dry herb vaporizers and one of the two main sources of heat. Convection heat works off of the air within the chamber of the vape. It flows around the chamber, wafts over the herbs and slowly bakes them. As the temperature rises, the THC merges with the vapor and is released out the mouth piece with ease for maximum taste. NamasteVapes.co.nz have assembled an all star cast of some of the best tasting convection vaporizers on sale on the market today. Are you looking to relax for the night without wanting to drag around a massive bong? Are you on your way out to a party and need something efficient but delicious to entertain a room full of people? These amazing Dry Herb Convection Vaporizers are on our store now and on sale for you, the Great British consumer, so please check out the collection because you’re next vape might be here.

Let’s talk about why the flavor on a convection vaporizer is the best that is possibly can be. You see, in a good convection chamber, the hot air acts like a fan oven and slowly bakes the herbs, adding a toastiness to the taste of the vapor. You get all of this flavour, as well as all of the cannabinoids in one extreme, very satisfying hit.

Convection Vaporizers NZ - Benefits

There’s a couple of great smaller advantages to using a Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer that are worth a mention. Firstly, because the system works on moving air, the draw resistance an vapes like these is very low, making it very easy to pull from for an entire session. When using a convection model you have full control over the temperature. Some  models have set amounts of temperature settings, but if none of these are your ideal temperature, you just have to pick your closest one. Convection models don’t usually have this problem as the hot air needs to be set anyway in order to for it to work, so it comes with full control as standard which is a great thing for any casual to hardened smoker to have. If you’re going to get the most out of your cannabis, the temperature is extremely important if you don’t want to risk combustion, so having as much control as you can get over it can only lead to a better smoke.

With all of this in mind, let’s talk about the kind of experience you’re getting with one of these convection vaporizers. It’s not an all day vape, but it’s still portable. Maybe you’re just back from work or it’s your day off and you’re just lounging around your house, vaping as you go. You can relax and enjoy a full chamber or two and really sink into that expert taste. You won’t get tired of the draw and if, later in the session, things get too hot, you can just knock everything down a couple of degrees. These really are vapes you can enjoy the whole day with. It’s relaxing, because you know while you’re using a convection system there’s not as much maintenance during the session. Because the source of the heat isn’t near the chamber, all of the herbs cook evenly and you don’t need to stir the chamber all night to mix the herbs around.

Convection Vapes NZ - NamasteVapes NZ leading the way

Talks about Marijuana are sweeping the globe and the demand for vapes like these have just gone up. To keep up with the latest news and the latest models, you’ve got to check out this collection we’ve got for you because these are top of the line, convection vaporizers that are coming at you for very competitive prices.