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Dabbing concentrates is the new game in town and many parts of the world, including New Zealand, are just getting their first taste of it. If you haven’t heard of it that could mean only two things: Either you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years or you’re new to the smoking culture. Don’t worry though, either way we’ve got your back.

What have for you is a complete collection on everything you will need to get a quality dab going 100% of the time. We wouldn’t do you wrong and we have the deals to match our quality. In this list you’ll find some amazing deals on E-Nails and all essential accessories to go with them. If you’re only hearing about dabs now, read on and we’ll give you all of the information you need. By the time we’re done with you, you’ll be a master dabber in no time. 

Electric Dab Nails NZ

Dabbing is something that’s become more and more popular across the world. In countries still marijuana-ignorant it’s starting to gain foothold, such as New Zealand, with more people learning about what it is thanks to the internet. Within a couple of years, with more and more people accepting marijuana is not only safe but healthy, we think you’ll be seeing a lot more dab concentrates. So what are concentrates? It’s nothing too complicated. They’re essentially pure, concentrated cannabis that has been extracted from the flower and usually takes the form of oils and/or wax.

E-Nails in the NZ

With the dabbing technology came several electric improvements. Now that Dabbing is getting more and more popular, you’re seeing things like E-Nails hitting the market. Pretty much doing the same thing as the manual Dab Rig, an Electric Dabbing Nail has a bunch of advantages. All electric versions of your standard Dabbing equipment are all ready to go for NZ smokers, so don’t be one to miss out. Your typical E-Nail completely removes the need for the blowtorch, making it much safer to use overall. What’s more, since the E-Nail is electric, it heats up incredibly fast, but more importantly, consistently. With an E-Nail, the entire Nail heats up at the same time, instead of just on the side the blowtorch is on, producing a better quality source of vaporizing over all. E-Nails are also very handy and usually a lot more portable. Instead of a large bong-like pipe that you might be afraid to move because of the glass, E-Nails often come in parts, with the Nail and the Battery being sold as separate blocks. 

Right now, marijuana in New Zealand is on good, but unsteady ground. There are parties that want to see it legalized and if that happens, a whole flood gate of great things might happen. Right now it’s illegal, but in many areas the law isn’t enforced because locals are usually aware of how unharmful it is and even right wing voices are calling for it to be legalized but regulated to help stimulate the economy. If legalization happens soon, and it might very well be, you’ll see a flood of new innovations just like the US is seeing right now, so make sure you brush up on your dabbing knowledge because it might be on your doorstep soon.


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