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Portable Vaporizers NZ Collection

Popular  Portables Vapes in New Zealand

In 2017 Similar to 2016 the most popular icontinues to be the PAX2 followed by the PAX3.  Recently launched Davinci IQ is the most likely portable Vaporizer contender overtake the PAX Labs number one vaporizer spot. Firefly2 and the Boundless also continue to sell well and the ever popular Vaporizers magic flight and Mighty continue to do well.

Best Value Portable Vape

Our favourite is the PAX2, its price is amazing and it has all the functionality and feel of the latest PAX3 just that it is for dry herbs only. If you need a versatile vape go for the Grizzly Guru, it is a great price and does all oils, concentrates & dry herbs.  The latest top seller will be the the DaVinci IQ on pre-sale and were guaranteed to be among the first to stock so feel free to order your now.

Our range of locally shipped Vaporizers in New Zealand get sent quickly and discreetly. These Portable Handheld vapes have been growing in popularity. Providing a healthy easier alternative to smoking. Even better if you are an NZ Vapor you know you are making the most of your materials with one of these Vapes.  See our Vaporizers collection below

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