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Portable Vaporizers

Portable Handheld Vaporizers provide some of the the best quality vapor density and taste especially considering their small size and discreet design. With a large range of handheld vaporizers on the market today, there will definitely be one to suit your needs. Despite their small size, these handheld vaporizers generally possess a few unique characteristics including being very efficient at confining heat in a small space, fast heat up times and larger size chambers than pen vaporizers.

With the ability to use almost any time or anywhere, handheld vaporizer are extremely versatile especially when you consider that with come models you can use whichever vaping material you like including oils, liquids and dry herbs. Some products, like the Haze V3, also offer "pack in advance" feature making the handheld vaporizers perfect for discreet use on the go. Some handheld vapes focus on dry ground material consumption exclusively, while others are only compatible with oil and liquid concentrates. We encourage you to research your perfect vape using our product information as well as customer and editorial reviews see which brand is the best portable for you.

Best Value Portable Vape New Zealand

The PAX 2 Portable Vape was the best selling vaporizer in 2016 and continues to be just as popular in 2017, closely followed by its brother the PAX 3. The recently launched Davinci IQ is the portable vaporizer contender most likely to overtake the PAX Labs handheld vapes number one vaporizer spot. As the fastest heating vape on the market, the Firefly2 is always a popular choice, and with the beautiful traditional design of the Magic Flight handheld vapes, and the hybrid of conduction and convection heat with the Mighty, there is a world of choice within the portable vaporizer that will suit you.

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