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Vapir NO2 V2 Vaporizer

Vapir NO2 V2 Vaporizer Namaste New Zealand
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  • Vapir NO2 V2 Vaporizer Namaste New Zealand
  • Vapir NO2 V2 Vaporizer Namaste New Zealand
  • Vapir NO2 V2 Vaporizer Namaste New Zealand
  • Vapir NO2 V2 Vaporizer Namaste New Zealand
Vapir NO2 V2 Vaporizer has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2 reviews.
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62% Boveda Humidipak - 10 Pack (8 Gram)
62% Boveda Humidipak - 10 Pack (8 Gram)
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VAPIR NO2 V2 Portable Digital Vaporizer

When Vapir set out to create a newest Vapir vaporizer it had to be the next generation in vaporization technology for it to be worthy of the name Vapir. To make this leap, Vapir designed and created this unit from the ground up with the suggestions, comments and ideas their customers had indicated they wanted in their ‘dream’ vaporizer. In addition Vapir added some amazing technology and forward thinking options to create the newest addition to the Vapir lineup. With the NO2, Vapir has created a portable vaporizer the vape community has been waiting for!


  • 1 Year Warranty Standard
  • Internal Re-Chargeable Battery
  • Set Temperature Memory Remembers Your Favorite Vaporizing Temperature!
  • Easy to use out of the box
  • Heats up FAST
  • Utilizes a Revolutionary Stainless Steel Encased Pure Brass Heating Element that Delivers Completely Clean Heat for a Fresh and Dense Vapor!
  • Digital Temperature Display Specifically Controls Temperature within 2-5 Degrees!
  • Can Simultaneously Re-Charge Battery While Vaporizing!
  • Fully Featured in Both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Compact Size and Easily Portable for usage on-the-go (approx. 8 inches height x 1.5 inches wide)

Most compact portable vaporizers available on the market employ a heating system which is powered either directly by flame (usually using a lighter) or through a butane heating mechanism; this is inferior for many reasons. The butane can be inhaled by the customer, which creates an acrid taste. With the clean flame-less heat created by the NO2, customers can now enjoy the true flavor and essence of their favorite aromatherapy material without any foul aftertaste!

The portable NO2 unit allows customers to specifically control the heat with its patented digital display which is fully accurate within 2-5 degrees. This level of accuracy and control allows the customer to know what temperature they are at every time, all the time – providing the most effective heating environment for vaporizing aromatherapy. Many portable vaporizers on the market employing inferior non-programmable heating mechanisms force customer’s to blindly trust the unit to keep the temperature below incineration levels. Without any certainty and control over the heating chamber temperature in many customers find themselves inhaling harmful byproducts; this defeats the purpose of the money they spent on their vaporizer. The NO2 gives control back to its customer by allowing them the peace of mind to know what temperature their vaporizer is heating up to at all times. This creates the perfect environment to produce the most fresh and flavorful vapor.


  • 1 x NO2 Portable Vaporizer + Re-Chargeable Battery
  • 1 x Power Supply (NZ Plug Adapter included)
  • 1 x X-Tip Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Wire Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x 8" Hard Plastic Tube
  • 2 x Bamboo Cleaning Sticks
  • 1 x Aromatherapy Material Scooping Cup
  • 4 x Mesh Screens
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Heating Element and Electronics)