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VapirRise Inhalation Adapter

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Add A The VGrinder 4-Part

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The VGrinder 4-Part

The NamasteVapes VGrinder 4-Part The NamsteVapes™ VGrinder is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. It is specifically designed to provide ground materials for vaporizing.  This grinder is not only beautiful but also very functional. This is a 4-component grinder with diamond cut teeth and collection screen. We highly suggest using one of our NamsteVapes™ grinders for best results. This grinder is backed by a lifetime NamasteVapes™ warranty but rest assured it will last forever! Diameter: 75mm Included: 1 x NamasteVapes 4 Part Grinder Video Review Namaste Kory reviews our variety of Grinders

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VapirRise Inhalation Adapter (Mouthpiece)

Also known as the mouthpiece, where you put your mouth to inhale for the Vapir Rise


  • 1 x Vapir Rise Inhalation Adapter Mouthpiece

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